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Томонори Иваки - третьекурсник старшей школы. Однажды, вернувшись домой, он встречает там 12-летнюю искусственную девочку Ризель, на которой японское правительство женило его без всякого на то согласия. Примет ли Томонори Ризель в качестве жены?

Моя Ризельмина / Rizelmine

    Моя Ризельмина / Rizelmine Смотреть Онлайн

    01. Suddenly! Young Wife!?

    02. Monopoly! Adult's Time!?

    03. Go for it! Two People in a Futon!?

    04. Bold! Embraced and Happy?

    05. Yes We Did It! Together, We Came!?

    06. SOS! Dangerous After School!?

    07. Rival? Big Breasted High School Girl!

    08. By Force!? Five Seconds Before Uniting

    09. First Experience!? I Held Him!

    10. Love Letter Panic! A Dilemma Of Love!?

    11. It's Summer! It's The Beach! Aim For It, The Legendary Kiss!?

    12. The Door To Adulthood! First Time Reaching C!?

    13. Hafuun!! Big Transformation by Adult Goods!?

    14. I'll Put My Life On The Line! Uffun First Date!

    15. Don't Die Danna-sama! Serious Power Dash!

    16. School Trip to the West... Suddenly a Double Date?!

    17. School Trip to the West... A Double Charming Adultery?!

    18. School Trip to the West... A Charming Battle Swapping?

    19. Adult's C, What Happened To The Baby Wife?

    20. Young Skins Touching. Our First First Night

    21. As Passion Takes Us. Love Is Everything

    22. A Change In Attitude. You Do It And It's All Over?

    23. A Touch-And-Go Situation - Hafun - Bishoujo's Melee

    24. Do It For The First Time! Let`s Start!

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