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приключения, история, мистика, сёнэн-ай
Существует печать, которую должен носить избранный воин и которая дает этому войну огромные силы. Сила предстает в виде огромной огненной руки. главный герой, хранитель великой печати, обладает качеством спасателя: "Да восторжествуют добро и справедливость!" Так же появляется прекрасная принцесса, которую постоянно надо спасать...

Стальные Хроники Царств / Koutetsu Sangokushi / Kotetsu Sangokushi

    Стальные Хроники Царств / Koutetsu Sangokushi / Kotetsu Sangokushi Смотреть Онлайн

    01. Koumei who Stands in Opposition, the Freeing of Rikuson the Crimson at Koutou

    02. Rikuson at a Loss, his Discovery of Sonken in Go's Capital

    03. Assemble at Koutou's lands, young patriots

    04. The Lone-Eyed Hero Entrusts Ryoutou with the Principles of a Warrior

    05. A Grieving Ryoutou Roars in Agony as he Hunts Down a Bitter Enemy

    06. In his Sorrow, Kannei of Suzu, Shoots an Arrow into the Battlefield

    07. A Bewildered Rikuson Sees the Light in a Reunion with his Teacher

    08. Shokatsuryou Koumei Inspires Sonken of Go with his Idea

    09. The Young Warriors Assemble at Koutou's Hills and Rivers for Training

    10. Sou Moutoku Pushes a Red Wall, Drawing Near Son Go

    11. Go's Six Steeds Cause the Dawn Over Choukou to Gleam Red

    12. Ingenuity and Cunning, the Sound of the Ominous Flute Reverberates Across the Lake Shore

    13. Bi Shuurou Stands Upon the Battlefield to Guide Rikuson

    14. The Wail of Son Go Wavers in Repose Offered by the Six Steeds

    15. Gloomy Rikuson Vows to Recover with Sonken's Smile

    16. Kan'u's Roar Strikes Rikuson which Forces him to Hold Determination

    17. Reunion at the Thatched Hut, the Deep Connection Between Masted and Disciple, Wedged Together in Ekishuu

    18. The Sworn Brothers of the Peach Garden See the Flower of Ties in the Fields and Mountains of Shoku

    19. Courageous Taishiji Stands Tall on the Earth of the Central Plains

    20. Amou of Go Rises from Obscurity by Using his Young Wisdom

    21. Kouryou's Setting Sun Seiyes a Warrior's Soul

    22. Ryuubi Goes Insane and Becomes a Frozen Shadow, Wandering in Koutou

    23. Son Chuubou, in the Snowfield, Follows Rikuson to Escape from his Homeland

    24. Ryuubi's Weeping Gives a New Light to the Field

    25. Riku Hakugen Dances on Gojougen Where Red Stars are Falling

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